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Leningrad Center


Leningrad Center is the first show space in Russia created for the high-style entertainment genre. The venue opened in late 2014 in an old mansion near the Taurida Gardens on Potemkinskaya Ulitsa. The four floors of the building house two theater stages, a gallery, music bars and a restaurant. Leningrad Center presents music and theater shows, performances by internationally-renowned stars, film screenings and workshops offered by leading Russian and foreign arts and media personalities.

The restoration project of the former cinema theater in Taurida Gardens was carried out with the participation of Russian and international experts headed by the Spanish architect and urbanist Ricardo Bofill. Felix Mikhaylov, renowned Russian director of theater, film, and television, author and producer, TEFI National TV Prize winner, was appointed the artistic director of Leningrad Center.
The project uniquely combines many genres, styles and technologies.
The entrance into the auditorium is hidden behind the longest video wall in Europe; the curtains are made of “living fabric” that creates a 3D effect, and the chandelier in the auditorium is a kinetic sculpture consisting of 1000 LED spheres.