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EUR     75,55

USD     66,36

GBP     85,33

Этно тур

Ethno tour

Lasts for 3 days (2 nights)

for adults.

1 day

Meeting in the airport of Khanty-Mansiysk

Accommodation in a Hotel «Na semi kholmakh»(on the 7th hills)

Lunch in a restaurant of the hotel

Sightseeing excursion with a visiting of main attractions and panoramic places.

During it you can visit the Central Park named by Boris Losev, go up to the Church of Resurrection, see the panoramic place from the building «To discoverers of Siberia», walk along the River station and, of course, visit the Archeopark "Samarovsky Ostanets".

Excursion in the museum «Geology, oil and gas».

The history of geological research, discoveries and the development of wealth of Siberia, the fight of thoughts and opinions - these evidences of the era are being kept and taught in the museum. Now you have a unique possibility to touch the history.

Dinner in a restaurant of a hotel

Free time

You can visit fitness-centre «Sport-time» (swimming).

 2 day

Breakfast in the restaurant «Fristail» in a hotel

Departure to the camp. Arrival. Riding on deer and dog sleds, snowmobiles, skis. Tasting of dishes of national cuisine of Khanty and Mansi. Ethnographic program "Ethno-start". Barbecue. Sauna.

Coming back to Khanty-Mansiysk

relax in the hotel

dinner in a restaurant «Misne». National dance, sings.

Free time.

 3 day

Breakfast in the restaurant «Fristail»

Visiting the Ethnographic Museum under an open air «Torum-Maa».

Visiting the centre of folk art craft.

Buying national souvenirs*

Lunch in a restaurant of the city

Visiting a shop «Sibiryak», If you wish, it is possible to buy local products (sausages made by deer, pine nuts in the chocolate, mushrooms, berries and so on)*


(* - with an extra price)

The cost per person:

the group of 15 people - 30 000 rub.(430 euro)

the group of 45 people - 24 000 rub. (340 euro)

The price includes:


Meals (according to the program)


Tasting traditional cuisine

Visiting the camp

Visiting the museums

A person who will accompany you



The cost doesn’t include:

Tickets from/to Khanty-Mansiysk

Photo and video in the museums

Buying souvenirs

For information:

The cost of avia tickets Moscow- Khanty-Mansiysk - Moscow is from 8 500rub. (120 euro)

The flight lasts for 3h in a one way.

Картинки по запросу фото мамонтов в ханты-мансийске