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The reign of Catherine II


During the reign of Catherine II he served in the Hermitage Theatre Floridor French actor, handsome, noble-looking, with a voice of thrilling voice that makes women's hearts flutter. Especially the role he managed Tancred in Voltaire's tragedy. When Floridor pronounced "Leave your crying, I'm calm now. Part with you. Sad death of me!" Trays ladies handkerchiefs to eyes. One day after the submission of one great lady, subdued Floridor game, asked him to take a souvenir gold snuffbox. In snuff lady put one hundred imperials. Floridor politely thanked him, took snuff, but the money has flatly refused. "The actor, belonging to the theater of the great sovereign, can not have a need for money," - said the proud Frenchman. Needless to say, that the very next day of the incident found Catherine, and was soon Floridor double pay?