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Fishing on Seydoozero

  Seydozero - unique, small mountain lake, located within the Lovozero Tundra mountain group in the Murmansk region, in the center of the Kola Peninsula in an altitude of 189 meters above sea level. Seydozero  is 8 km long and from 1.5 km to 2.5 km wide. The lake water is distinguished by its high transparency and low content of minerals. The main landmark of Seydozero is the protected conservation area Seydozersky reserve or "Seydyavvr" - the territory surrounding Seydozero. Its area is ​​17 400 hectares. It is prohibite the tree cutting, grazing and any activity that may lead to contamination of the nature reserve. However,  sports and recreational fishing , picking berries and mushrooms,  camping and building fires in designated areas are permitted. Seydozero is considered to be the location of a particular energy zone, so that there were reported abnormal natural phenomena. Near it were found the remains of an ancient civilization called Hyperborea. Here there is a feeling of complete self-sufficiency and great energy of nature.

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Esoteric tour Seydozero

In the winter, snowmobile, Lappish sled

8 400


In the summer, motor boat and walking 3 km

8 400


All the activities of the company is aimed at preserving of the unique natural resources of the Kola Peninsula. For our tourists are offered licenses to fish on a "catch — release" basis, which allows to maintain a certain level of aquaculture. However, none of our tourists are not leaving without a trophy and memories of meals Lappish specialties. Our company follows the environment in and around the camp. Deforestation around the camps is prohibited. All the trash is removed from the camp for disposal. We make a lot of effort to preserve the few places of wilderness that remained on the Kola Peninsula.

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